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Chairman Words

Chairman Words

Chairman Address

Mr.Hong Mingxian

  •  Chairman of the Board

  •  Vice President of Xiamen Federation of Commerce of Chamber (General Chamber of Commerce)

  •  Founding President of Xiamen Charity Promotion Committee

  •  Supervisor of Southern Fujian Merchant Capital Federation

Keeping the Original Spirit Throughout the Journey of 10 years

Differ Group (the Group) has grown from a financial service company to a diversified, large-scale and integrated listed comprehensive group in the last decade. Accordingly, the Group’s scope has extended to the financial holding and cultural tourism that has been achieved through support from all sections of the Group.


To continue delivering greater value to its shareholders, employees, and stakeholders, Differ Group will continue to take advantage of new economy and finance. Using its spirit of “Integrity, Gratitude, Prudence and Trailblazing”, the Group continues to steadily develop its financial services and cultural tourism business. Its aim is to create a comprehensive financial service platform and draw a blueprint of diverse asset management services.