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Chairman of DFH

Chairman of DFH

Mr. Hong Mingxian

Vice president of Xiamen Federation of Chamber of Commerce

Supervisor of Southern Fujian Merchant Capital Federation

Honorary President of Fujian Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association

Top 10 Men of the Year of Xiamen Commerce 2013

Since its inception, I have a dream of making DFH an outstanding and strong company. Today, DFH has grown into a highly competitive company, which is a step closer to making the dream a reality.

DFH was founded in Quanzhou, the starting point of historic Maritime Silk Road and one of the world’s oldest shipping routes. Although it started small, it absorbed the essence and pioneering spirit of the maritime civilization nurtured in this great shipping route. Through thick and thin, DFH always stick to the cultural underscoring “Integrity”, “Gratefulness”, “Trailblazing”, “Meticulosity”, “Persistence” with an openmind and pioneering spirit of the Maritime Silk Road.

DFH welcomes outstanding talents and partners to serve medium, small, and micro-sized enterprises on the western coast of the Taiwan Straits. Meanwhile, our management team and employees will do whatever it takes to maximize value for our customers and shareholders.