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Mr. HONG Mingxian (洪明顯), Chairman

Ÿ  Responsiblefor the overall strategic formulation, management and planning.

Ÿ  Foundingchairman of Capital Association of Fujian Chamber of Commerce (福建閩商資本聯合會), the founding chairman ofXiamen City Quanzhou Chamber of Commerce (廈門市泉州商會), the honorary chairman of Fujian YouthEntrepreneurship Promotion Association (福建青年創業促進會), the vice chairman of Xiamen City Siming DistrictFederation of Industry and Commerce (Chamber of Commerce) (廈門市工商聯 (總商會)) and the managing vice chairman of Economic Promotion Association forOverseas Chinese with Hometown in Xiamen (廈門市僑鄉經濟促進會).

Ÿ  Was anexecutive director of a property development company based in Jiangsu Province,PRC.


Mr. NG Chi Chung (吳志忠), CEO

Ÿ  Responsiblefor the overall business development and management.

Ÿ  Workedat various companies in Hong Kong and Shishi, Fujian Province, and has over 10years’ experience in corporate management.

Ÿ  Was amember of the senior management of a vehicle trading company based in Shishi.


Mr. CAI Huatan (蔡華談), HonoraryChairman

Ÿ  Responsiblefor overall expanding strategy formulation.

Ÿ  Graduatedfrom a postgraduate programme in economic law from the Law School of SichuanUniversity (四川大學).  

Ÿ  Approximately30 years of experience in management and public administration.

Ÿ  Workedfor various departments of the governments of Shishi and Quanzhou.




Mr. CAI Jianfeng (蔡劍鋒)

Ÿ  Over15 years of experience in the manufacturing industry.

Ÿ  Vice-chairmanof Shishi Lingxiu General Chamber of Commerce (石獅市靈秀商會).

Ÿ  Memberof the Chinese People Political Consultative Committee of Shishi City (石獅市政治協商會議).


Mr. WU Qinghan (吳清函)

Ÿ  Over25 years’ experience in trading and manufacturing.

Ÿ  Chairmanof a manufacturing company in Shishi.

Ÿ  Chairmanof Shishi Lingxiu General Chamber of Commerce (石獅市靈秀商會).



Mr. ZENG Haisheng (曾海聲)

Ÿ  Graduatedfrom a postgraduate programme in economic law from the Law School of SichuanUniversity (四川大學).

Ÿ  Chairmanof an investment company in Xiamen.


Mr. TSANG Hin Man Terence (曾憲文)

Ÿ  Admittedas a solicitor in Hong Kong since 1993 and he is currently the sole proprietor ofTsang & Co., H.M.

Ÿ  Obtaineda bachelor’s degree in science from the University College London, the Universityof London in 1986.

Ÿ  Bachelorin law from the Polytechnic of Central London (now known as the University ofWestminster) London.

Ÿ  Anindependent non-executive director of Lee & Man Handbags Holding Limited (1488.HK)and China Investment and Finance Group Limited (1226.HK). Non-executivedirector of Winto Group (Holdings) Limited (8238.HK).


Mr. CHAN Sing Nun (陳星能)

Ÿ  Acertified public accountant of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified PublicAccountants and a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Ÿ  Over15 years’ experience in auditing, accounting and financial management.

Ÿ  Principalof an audit firm in Hong Kong.




Mr. HUANG Bin (黄斌)

Ÿ  President, responsiblefor the overall execution management.

Ÿ  Wasthe General Manager of the Ministry of Finance of the Agricultural Bank ofChina.

Ÿ  Servedas the first deputy director of the Reform Office of Fujian Rural CreditCooperatives, Chairman of Quanzhou Agricultural Bank.

Ÿ  Established Gulanggold service Internet financial platform to achieve customer funds deposit inthe national joint-stock commercial banks, which was the first and only inXiamen City.


Ms. NI Yu (倪瑜)

Ÿ  Associatepresident, responsible for the financial management, internal audit andfinancial service business.

Ÿ  Bachelorin economics from Shanghai International Business and Economics University. Masterin Accounting & Finance from University of Birmingham.

Ÿ  Afellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Ÿ  Servedas an auditor at Ernst & Young Huaming Certified Public Accountants. Workedfor L’OREAL China Co., Ltd as the corporate controller in the corporate financedepartment. Was the finance director of Xiamen Hengxing and a director ofJinchuan Mining. Was associate Procurement to Payment director ofAnheuser-Busch InBev (Xiamen) Management & Operation Co., Ltd.


Mr. CAI Xiacheng (蔡廈程)

Ÿ  Chiefoperations officer in finance lease business and is responsible for the overallfinance lease business management.

Ÿ  About10 years of experience in the finance industry.


Mr. CHENG Yun Chung RONIE (鄭潤聰)

Ÿ  DirectorCorporate Finance, in charge of corporate finance and fund raising activities.

Ÿ  Graduatedfrom University of Warwick.

Ÿ  A fellowmember of the Institute of Chartered Accountant of England and Wales.

Ÿ  Over20 years of experience in the financial industries with experience spanningfrom auditing to private equity fund to listed companies


Mr. TAM Wai Tak Victor (譚偉德)

Ÿ  FinancialController and Company Secretary, responsible for financial reporting andcompany secretarial matters.

Ÿ  Bachelorof Arts in accounting & finance (first class honours) from the Universityof Glamorgan (now known as the University of South Wales).

Ÿ  Amember of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Hong KongInstitute of Certified Public Accountants.

Ÿ  Was a seniorauditor, a financial controller and a senior audit manager.