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DFH guarantee is dedicated to providing credit enhancement for clients and serves as the bridge among governments, enterprises and banks to relieve financing pressure for SMEs. DFH provides guarantee services for clients base on excellent professional assessments, sharing bank risks and build up a risk-reward balancing model. The outcome is a triple-win among bank, client and DFH.

DFH Guarantee is actively engaged in creating new modes of cooperation with government and industry associations. Supervised by Quanzhou Municipal Government Finance Bureau, the large-scale guarantee company founded by DFH can provide up to 1 billion credit guarantee volume to satisfy SMEs' need in this area.

Since its establishment, DFH Guarantee has provided guarantee services for more than one thousand enterprises and it has been one of the best financing solution provider for SMEs.


1. Establish the “bridge” between bank and enterprise, share loan risk

2. The ability to carry out precise background investigation

3. Improve corporate credit rating and financing amount

4. Increase financing efficiency for enterprises


1. Finance guarantee

Corporate financing guarantee

Individual financing guarantee

2. Project guarantee

Project bidding

Contractor performance


Owner payment

3. Property preservation guarantees

Pre-litigation property preservation

Property preservation in litigation

Property execution

4. Letter of guarantee

Financial guarantee

Corporate guarantee

5. Pawn services

Pledge of movables

Real estate mortgage

Pledge of property right

6. Corporate contingency lending funds

7. Guarantee extended options and restructuring investment