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DFH Finance Leasing is dedicated to providing finance leasing services for business development, industrial upgrading, and business transformation.

DFH Finance Leasing focuses on staple yet fast growing industries like agricultural drones (R&D, leasing, sales, plant protection), long range marine fishing vessels, consumer spending (facilities, equipment, trailer), auto finance and industrial equipment. We offer clients a comprehensive, professional and diversified finance leasing solutions.

In recent years, DFH leasing has been involved in some significant acquisition in order to expand its scope and range of services provided . What’s more, DFH Finance Leasing has forged long-term strategic partnership with a number of banks, equipment manufacturers and high-tech enterprises.

It is one of the very few finance leasing company with significant support from the banks. This is also a scalable business that can be leveraged with bank loan up to ten times.


1. Instalment payment for equipment to relieve financial pressure

2. Flexible lease options without pledge of immovable property

3. Diverse financing channels to save bank credit resources

4. Lower instalment-payment obligations for equipment manufacturers

5. Shorter receivable collection period for equipment manufacturers


1. Agricultural drones (R&D, lease, sales, plant protection)

2. Distant marine fishing vessel

3. Tourism project (facilities, equipment, trailer)

4. Auto finance

5. Industrial equipment