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Suppliers in the midstream and upstream supply chain find it very difficult to obtain financial support from banks by means of traditional credit and loan. DFH Supply Chain Financing offers a wide array of "Supply Chain Financing" products to promote capital operation efficiency and reduce management cost for the whole supply chain.

It focuses on key enterprises, manages cash flow and logistics of upstream and downstream SMEs, and turns uncontrollable risks of individual enterprise into controllable risks contained in a whole supply chain. By monitoring the cash flow and the product flow, it reduces risks to the lowest possible level by obtaining information throughout the whole supply chain.


1. The capability to control flows of information, products and cash

2. Effective financing solutions for SMEs and extended banking service to achieve win-win for all participants in the supply chain

3. Comprehensive, transparent and quick electronic receivables management service and domestic factoring solutions

4. Clear creditors' right


1. Supply Chain financing solution

2. Factoring and inventory financing

3. Collateral by ways of movable property and products ownership

4. Bonded warehouse