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DFH has recently devoted a lot of its resources in developing its Asset Management business. In recent years, market downturn has increased the size of NPL and provided us with opportunities to acquire NPL backed by good collaterals.

Equipped with seasoned financial services team with a firm grasp in risk control system and financial cooperation network, DFH Asset Management focuses on the takeover of non-performing loan and disposes of their collaterals by means of legal proceedings, transfer, asset swap, M&A and reorganization, debt-to-equity swap, asset securitization and capital market operation.

In May 2016, DFH entered into a Subscription and Placing Agreement of the Convertible Bonds in the aggregate amount of up to US$50,000,000 with Cinda International Holdings Limited (111.HK) and Huarong International Financial Holdings Limited (993.HK). The strategic cooperation provides us with expertise and resources to work out sizable NPL that we would not otherwise be able to.


1. Extend value chain with asset value enhancement

2. Quick and effective handing and execution of NPLs

3. Extensive business network enabling the efficient asset disposals

4. Localized professional team, especially lawyer team who are familiar with local conditions and legal procedures

5. Sound risk control system and excellent long-term asset management capability


1. NPL investment, management and sales

2. Asset securitization of NPL financial products

3. Trust and liquidation services for financially-troubled companies

4. Aid and reorganization of distressed companies