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DFH Acquires Equity Interest of A Fund to Enhance Asset Management Business

Addtime:2016-11-01   Author:Investor Relations

Differ Group HoldingCompany Limited(“DFH” or the “Group”) (stock code: 6878.HK),a leading provider of short- to medium-term financing and financing-relatedsolutions in the PRC, has entered into an agreement with Fujian Differ VentureCapital Company Limited, for acquiring 6.25% equity interest of a fund at theconsideration of RMB 70.0 million. This can provide the Group with a goodopportunity to enhance its asset management business in investing qualityassets.


As at 31 December 2015, the fund mainlyinvests in the equity interest of twelve PRC companies, which are of highquality and high growth potentials. The twelve PRC companies cover a widevariety of industries, including pharmaceutical and biomedical engineering,investment, energy and natural resources, construction materials, exhibition,etc. Having considered the investment strategy and performance of the fund, andin view of the prospects of the companies under the fund pursuant to the 13thFive Year Plan, the management is of the view that the investment in the fundwill provide satisfactory return to the Group.