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Differ Group attended the CLSA 22nd China Forum

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On May 17 , CEO Mr. Ng Chi Chung,Director Corporate Finance Mr. Ronie Cheng and Investor Relations Manager Ms.Harriet Hu attended the CLSA China Forum 2017, which was held by CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets in Tianjin,China.

Mr. Cheng made a speech introducing the operational strengths, competitive edges and future development strategies of Differ Group . He had an in-depth exchange of views with international investors during the group meeting. Moreover, the Group also had one-on-one meetings with three international large-scale fund management companies (The biggest AUM reaches 40 billion dollars) respectively.


Founded in 1896, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets is a Europe-invested company which mainly provides equity brokerage services,investment banking and PE investment business across Asia. It is the 22nd year that annual CLSA China Forum holding in China, which offers a significant communication platform for investors around the world. Differ Group places a high premium on investor relations devoting to set up a high-efficient bridge between senior management and invertors.