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DFH Sets Up a Joint Venture with Tsinghua Asset Management to Establish Qing Feng Hui USD Fund

Addtime:2017-08-23   Author:DFH

Further Expands Its Asset Management Businessand

Paves the Way for Developing to FintechBusiness


(Hong Kong, 21 August 2017) – Differ Group Holding Company Limited (“DFH” or the “Group”) (stockcode: 6878), a leading provider of short- to medium-term financing andfinancing-related solutions in the PRC, announced that a wholly-ownedsubsidiary of the Group, Differ Asset Management Company Limited (“DifferAsset”) has entered into a Joint Venture (“JV”) agreement with TsingstoneCapital Management (Hong Kong) Limited (“Tsingstone Capital HK”)[1] and two other independentthird parties for establishing a JV company. The JV company will form andoperate a USD-dominated fund (“Qing Feng Hui USD Fund”) with targetfund-raising amount of USD50 million in aggregate. The investment target willbe quality projects in the information technology sector.


Mr. Hong Mingxian, Chairman andExecutive Director of DFH,said, “We are very honoured to have established this cooperation with TsinghuaAsset Management. We believe that, this will not only help further expandingour asset management business, but also benefit the Group by leveraging TsinghuaAsset Management’s experience on financial investment management, high-techproject reserves and business network resources, thus exploring the possibilityto expand the Group’s existing businesses to Fintech. Moreover, the close tiesforged with these renowned companies are expected to broaden the customer base,bolster the competitiveness and also expand the geographical coverage of ourbusiness, so as to generate sustainable growth momentum andmaximize the value for shareholders.”

Tsingstone Capital HK is awholly-owned subsidiary of Tsingstone Capital Management (Shanghai) Limited.Tsingstone Capital Management (Shanghai) Limited is an associate of TsinghuaAsset Management Company Limited (“Tsinghua Asset Management”). Tsinghua AssetManagement principally engages in investment, management and operation offinancial assets and business.